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Benefits of Membership
  • Speak with one voice on asthma-related and environmental health issues on behalf of K-12 schools and SEHAC member organizations.

  • Share with and learn from a network of government, non-profit and academic stakeholders from across the state that have successfully implemented asthma and environmental health programs.

  • Participate in annual meetings and help set organizational objectives.  


Levels of Membership
  • Leadership Council — Members meet monthly via conference call and set organizational policies, procedures and objectives, and participate on at least one Standing Committee or Work Group.  

  • Affiliate Membership — Members assist by reviewing and helping to disseminate SEHAC resources, and by participating via conference call on a Standing Committee and/or Work Group when the Member has special knowledge on a topic being addressed by the Standing Committee and/or Work Group. 


Expectations of Participation
  • Membership is open to any organization or individual that supports the mission of SEHAC. Large agencies with multiple and separate departments may have members who represent the separate departments.  If a department has more than one member, that department is expected to identify a primary representative who is authorized to cast a vote on SEHAC matters.

  • Members are expected to support the mission and goals of SEHAC, participate and work collaboratively. 

  • Members of the Leadership Council, Standing Committees and Work Groups are expected to attend at least 75% of the scheduled meetings. 

  • Members agree to comply with all conditions and requirements set forth in the SEHAC Bylaws.


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