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Teacher's Classroom Checklist

This checklist helps school staff to identify asthma triggers in the classroom and improve environmental quality at school.


Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative Toolkit

This resource from the American Lung Association divided into five sections that align with the CDC’s Coordinated School Health Model, including Master Planning, Maximizing School Health Services, Building Asthma Education, Providing a Healthy School Environment, and Managing Physical Education and Activity. Each section includes a set of specific strategies, along with sample tools and resources that can be used to put the strategies into action.


Back to School With Asthma Toolkit

This resource from the American Lung Association helps parents of students with asthma and school nurses prepare for the school year and create an asthma-safe environment.


Creating Healthy Indoor Environments in Schools

Extensive online information and resources, created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, on indoor environmental quality at school. The information is specifically designed for School Officials, Facilities Staff Members, Teachers, Health Care Professionals, and Parents and Students.


IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit

The Action Kit, created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, provides best practices, industry guidelines, sample policies and a sample IAQ management plan to improve school air at little or no cost.


Managing Asthma — A Guide for Schools

This guide from the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program is intended to assist schools that are planning and/or maintaining an asthma management program. It provides follow-up steps for schools that currently identify students with asthma through health forms or emergency cards or plan to do so. It is designed to offer practical information to school staff.


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