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Who is SEHAC?


SEHAC, the California School Environmental Health and Asthma Collaborative, is comprised of government, education, and non-profit organizations assembled to address indoor air quality and asthma in California K-–12 schools. It's mission is to ensure that schools provide an optimally healthful environment that maximizes health and learning for the entire school community.


SEHAC’s objective is to:


  • Increase the K-12 school community’s awareness of the importance of addressing indoor air quality and asthma issues, and recognition of the links between mental and physical health and positive learning outcomes.


  • Engage state and local policymakers and education leaders to promote school based asthma management programs and indoor air quality management plans, and to encourage the implementation of school district policies on asthma and indoor air quality.


  • Improve school indoor air quality through school site interventions and technical assistance that promote environmental education and improved indoor air quality. 


  • Create professional development and training opportunities for school district staff, board members, administrators, and teachers to learn about asthma and indoor air quality, and to integrate environmental and health education into academic curriculum when feasible and appropriate.


  • Increase resources provided to schools for addressing asthma and indoor air quality issues and school capacity to take productive action.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Increase collaborations that will leverage community partnerships, parent/student involvement, and resources thataddress asthma and indoor air quality issues in K-12 schools.



SEHAC includes a Leadership Council, Affiliate Members, Standing Committees, and Work Groups.


Leadership Council — Members that develop SEHAC goals and objectives, provide oversight, participate on standing committees and work groups, and officially represent SEHAC. 


Affiliate Members — Individuals and organizations that support SEHAC's mission and activities, and participate on work groups, but do not participate at the level required of Leadership Council Members.


Standing Committees — Leadership Council Members working to accomplish ongoing objectives, including outreach, membership development and fundraising.   


Work Groups — Leadership Council and Affiliate Members working to complete discrete SEHAC projects, such as educational resources, the Annual School Symposium on Asthma, and others.  

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